I am reading all of these Negative Comments about how Cornerstone is a Scam..C'Mon people wake up in order to be appointed and Work for any of these Insurance Company you must be State Licensed as well as pass a FBI Background check first. How would this be a Scam?

Sales makes the world go around and yes it takes the "right" person to be successful. Sales isn't about sitting around and waiting for the customer to come to you. It is about getting off your "***" and making it happen so you don't have to live paycheck to paycheck. I am a former agent a "true" former agent. Not another Broker trying to Steer away employees so that they look like the good Guy to hire someone.

I encourage all of you who do in-fact receive an email to see for yourself. Don't believe all the people who couldn't make it. Believe the ones that have been there and work in the offices currently talk to them. See how they are doing within the company. Cornerstone is a great Opportunity for those who want to work.

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I received an email from Cornerstone offering a sales position so I decided to do some research about the company before I responded. It was not the comment on the RipOff report that changed my mind b/c every company has a group that is against them.

It was reading the child like drama in here from Cornerstones very own employees. Name calling, speaking down to people that work at Taco Bell, come on.

Where is the professionalism and since when did a job title make anyone better than anyone. This is the kind of drama i avoid when taking a contract with a company and with the childish displays I have seen here, I have to say that I will let everyone I know that gets an email for an interview to delete it.


I think some people are just really lazy and want others to d the job for them. They are experienced for taco bell or any other fast food resturaunt!

The people that are bashing on this company are lazy, ignorant or just plain jealous of the people who are doing well for themselves.

Some people need to realize that you have to get up off your *** to make money now these days! So for all the people that keep bashing on this company, keep working at TACO BELL!!


You sounds like network marketing folks who try to stick up for their company's when people fail at MLM. Plz.

People just need to know the truth about the success rate of being in sales. It's not for everyone, and it doesn't say it's for sales in the email.

It's deceptive, and they are doing it to go through the numbers, plain and simple.

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