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DO NOT!!!! DO NOT!!!!!!

I REPEAT DO NOT INTERVIEW WITH THIS COMPANY. I had to sit in an office for three hours; listening to this guy lecture on % on.

Until he mentioned that you have to shell out almost $700 dollars to get a Health Insurance license. Not only do they not pay you while your training; but you also have to pay $200 bucks right off the bat. I'm so *** mad at myself for actually sitting through this disaster.

Your *** if you actually believe what these people say. DO NOT JOIN THIS SCAM ARTIST COMPANY!!!


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Soon as the NEW president of Cornerstone Mr. Black came onto the set, money RAISING!

a secular concept; CARNAL SINFUL DOG DUNG!!! UNDERSTATEMENTY for red hot ice cold believers. When the actual WORD anointed is shared, da, the blessed donations simply FLOW in UNLIMITED! There is a way carnal that seems right unto man, but the end thereof ends in DEATH to that said area.

CARNAL is crapola! Do God's way receive HIS DIVINE BLESSING PREIOD!


thanks for the info saveing me 3 long hours

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