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I was sucked in by Cornerstones offers of providing service and becoming secure financial. They charge you ...up front $250 you have to pay another $250 or so for licensing. The promises of cash flow within two weeks are totally bogus... I don't think I saw another new agent ever do that.

I was with the company for two years. I averaged in the 70-80 percentile nationally in sales numbers. It became apparent to me that one really needed to be in the top 5% to make it at Cornerstone.

My wife was seriously ill and I needed regular income as well as actually needing group insurance for her. I was discovered looking for new work on monster when my regional manager discovered my resume. My contract was immediately terminated. I thought I was an independent businessman. It's a cold hearted company.

You need to be a lawyer and a mathematician to figure out how the heck you get paid. An agent can actually end up tens of thousands of dollars in debt when they leave. Luckily my advance account paid off in 6 months I recieved "back end money". averaging about $500 a mont for 6 months. I had to surrender my stock when I was terminated to begin settling that account.

All in all I probably worked 50-60hrs per week for maybe an average bottom line of maybe $500/wk... rememember now I was much better than average at this. I turned down a job for 70k a year right after I started with the urging of my manager who insisted I would be making much more.

Its a sales job top to bottom. I would never consider doing it knowing what I do now.

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