I posted a resume a few nights ago and bingo

three job offers . To good to be true I thought.

So all three were life insurance companies.

What a quinki ***. I am glad to see the stories on

this website regarding this odd offer for an interview

at a motel. What a scam.

This reminds me of when I was looking for work right out of college...man was it tuff..I feel for all you people. I hit the worst job market in 20 years back in 91'. Don't get discouraged.


William Musich

Lake Balboa, Ca

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I just wanted to let you guys know that I used to work for this company while I was going through school. I actually did pretty well there, and the insurance they offer was and still is great for me and my family.

I cant say what it is like in other markets, but here in the DFW area they were a good company to work for. Pretty good money to if your good at outside sales.


wow, i got the same email. if this many people are involved and feel like victims then i thank cyberspace for the heads up. NO THANKS cornerston............i mean SCAM AMERICA!!!!!!!!

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