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I was within an Hour of getting scammed, what a waist of my freaking time. I received an E-mail at 9:45 at night, it looked like this…Stacey Phillips

I have reviewed your resume and feel you have some of the experience or qualities we are looking for. I would like to offer you an opportunity to interview on Tuesday June 17th at 1:00 PM, in our Regional Sales Office located in San Jose.

Please email Sarah at, to confirm an interview. We currently have two new openings for Sales representatives. Due to scheduling challenges, interviews will be on a first come first serve basis.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Sarah Taylor, Scheduling CoordinatorDeborah Oconnell& Associates22 Great Oaks Blvd. Suite #260San Jose, CA 95119(650)641-7139(800) 301-7252

FOR THOSE SELECTED WE OFFER:*Immediate Weekly Income Potential*Six Figure Income*Bonus Programs and Trips*Company Sponsored Stock Ownership Program*World Class, Ongoing Training and Sales Support*Personal Sales and Leadership Development*Advancement Opportunities (Management)*Prestigious Products and Services*Call on prospects who have requested to see you*Flexible Work Schedule*Access to Marketing Materials, Technology and Sales Resources*Fun and Competitive Work Environment*Unmatched Personal Satisfaction That Comes With Helping Others*Strong Leadership and Mentoring for your Personal Success

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I signed up for an Interview time... Thanks to all I have read about these fakes, I WILL NOT GO IN!!!! I guess their business is in identity theft not insuring families. I’m so tiered of searching for a job, I feel like I have tried everything to work here in San Jose! This was a waist of my time. If you want a real job don’t sign with this company, just read for yourself…

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What a bunch of sheeple! I checked this one out personally, went to the interviews, looked at the materials, looked at reviews, read all the reports...and they are legit!

If you're not intelligent enough to check and verify for yourselves, you'll lose every time. There are always those who will whine and complain, mainly from ignorance or laziness. Don't believe everything you read on these reviews...check them out for yourselves.

Have I signed on with them yet? No... I haven't decided if it's the right direction for me right now. But at least I've done my homework.


HAD an interview with these people out here in vegas looked them up and found these comments. Its tru you never relly can trust insurance companys now a days.


I also got this email, thanks for the heads up and I'll pass on this interview as well.


i got the same email and have interview set up - googled and found all the comments - going to pass now! thanks for the heads up!

Terneuzen, Zeeland, Netherlands #26549

I got the same email for an interview. Thanks for your comments.

I'm also skipping my interview for sales representative, it is not my field.

I'm glad I won't waste my time. I'm tired of the B.S.

Columbia, New Jersey, United States #25568

Just received an email from Gary Roberts regarding my resume and setting up an interview. I've never heard of Cornerstone before so I googled it and sure enough, this is the first site that came up.

I'm so grateful for people taking the time to put in their two cents to save others from the hassle. Thanks!

Rockford, Minnesota, United States #24673

This company is also part of UGA, which sponsors a very mediocre health plan. The people who sell for it are so desperate, they wind up putting "bandit" signs on telephone poles advertising "affordable health care." After working for them for a few months and running around the county, I realized this was going nowhere, and I quit.

they wanted me to pay back my advance commissions. I refused.

They screw their agents around, and their claims department is no darn good either. STAY AWAY from anything to do with "Cornerstone" or UGA,

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #23984

I have an appointment tomorrow and after reading all of the comments I am going to skip it, Thanks!!

Britt, Minnesota, United States #19792

Apparently they send this email to everyone because the job is for a sales representative position and that is not even my field. Thanks for your posting. I really appreciate it.

Dodge, Nebraska, United States #19639

I got that exact email as well. I was doing some research about this company and I found these comments.

Thank goodness I didn't drive up from LA to meet these people. Thank you!!!

Wevertown, New York, United States #18633

I'm glad i saw this email! Boy I would've been pissed if I drove all the way out to San Jose for B.S....not going anymore

Dan Khun Thot, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #18450

Yes, this sounds like a horrible job with a horrible company. Thanks18404

East Point, Kentucky, United States #18023

Such a shady deal it could cool the heels of guy with the horns...stay away! With an insurance background going in, I still made the mistake of not checking out this company - glad you did!

Dewey, Oklahoma, United States #17516

I got the same email. Did a net search and found your remarks.

Thanks ! I'm staying away too!.

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