They sent me a form letter in email, from Cornerstone Marketing, for an interview, but I never heard of them before or sent them anything, or would.... I figured it was a scam, and two minutes on google and sure enough.

Just ignore it. I don't really have more to say for the 100 word minimum, so have a very very very very wonderful day and don't let yourself be taken in by scam artists, or companies that amount to as much. There.

Is that 100 words?

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Thanks for the warning. I keep getting the e-mail to come in for an interview, kinda figured it was a scam.

Weston, West Virginia, United States #11450

Gary Roberts sent me a form letter for an interview. I am not a sales person!

What the the flippity! Plus, in this economy of almost $4.00/gal-I surely am not biting at this one.

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