One cannot tell anything about a company when they have not gone through a thorough interviewing process. It is also not fair to turn anyone away from benefits that could essentially support a family during a crisis.

If a person was "turned-off" because the manager needed to see this person face-to-face, I wouldn't hire her either!Job and career opportunity lost- that's all I can say!Each office can be different as with any business.

It is for the individual to decide whether or not extended benefits are for them. I don't appreciate one person ruining another individual's potential for a great opportunity.

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Nome, Alaska, United States #122446

This company blows monkey balls..I know from experience...be a broker.....not a "captive" agent....


They are in the business of taking your money and returning little but an inferior product to sell. In comparison to other policies, if you have a major illness, hospital stay, etc., the insurance will barely cover half of the expenses, leaving most people who by low cost insurance nearly as bad off as without it.

I wouldn't sell this insurance to my family, so I wouldn't sell it to your either. I quit soon after I learned what the policy was really about.

something they don't share with you until you've paid your money! Bad choice of companies to work for if you have the least bit of integrity.


This company sucks worked for them fo 5 years, was a district for 3 and the things they tell is what you want to hear, but things just don't unfold the way they're said to. It's a scam.

When you leave they charge you 5% of what your account is worth each month for administrative charges....FOR WHAT????

Not to mention all the sub agent debt that you're responsible for!!! And who wants to be captive????

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