I went to meet "Gary Roberts" (hince the quotes), went through with the interview process... Biggest waste of time in my life.

They do not use a legit company practice. They use the Spray and Pray method. It's so unprofessional it makes me sick. I suggest you do not interview with "Gary Roberts" It is a scam and a waste of time.

I am now working for Bankers Life and Casualty and I can happily say it's a heck of a lot better. No upfront costs, no scams, no twisted words. AND NO paying back fees once you quit.

unlike Cornerstone America, who likes to take money back from your sales AFTER you quit.

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I can't Gary Roberts actually responded. Anyway, I think it is an unfair practice what they do.

If you have to pay to get you in the door, that's not a good sign. For examle, big companies or the government doesn't charge you, right?


wow, i got the same exact email. but this time they are hunting in scottsdale arizona.

seems like the CEO's at this company are suffering from " little *** syndrome " because if they cant whip it out to make it stick, then they must have a little ***. NO THANKS SCAM AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!


wow, i got the same email. if this many victims are out there then i'm sure to be next.

NO THANKS cornerston.............. i mean SCAM AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!


as a former ftr of bankers YES they will make you pay back $$ once you leave. they send collection agencies after you!

Desa, Jawa Barat, Indonesia #24942

I interviewed with Mr. Roberts and was amazed at his passion for this career.

I don't know what Spray and Pray means but I recently signed on to work with Cornerstone and could not be happier.

Granted I am new but the support and encouragement I get daily is incredible. I don't understand how some people wouldn't want to work in this winning environment

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #24740

Gary Robert's I think this is probably just some loser that is sore about not getting a job, or someone that wants your company to look bad so his can look good.

Bogata, Texas, United States #24739

For you to judge something you know nothing about really tells me alot about you and makes me very glad I did NOT hire you. I make a very good living and have many..many agents who are doing great as well.

They are building a future at Cornerstone that you will never have a chance to. I would love to know what tactics you feel are "not legit"...and what "scams" you feel are going on. Cornerstone is an outstanding company and just because you can't work here doesn't make it bad. I wish you well at whatever path you take.

I would love to know who you are as I treat everyone I interview with respect and if I feel we don't have a fit I let you know quickly as to not wast either of our time. I would think if you felt as strongly as you say you do, you would have included your name.....Hope to hear from you soon...

Gary Roberts

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